Saturday 6 September 2014

Being Open to Sharing; My Learning & SOLO

This weekend I have spent time preparing for my first TeachMeetNZ presentation to be broadcast as part of #CENZ14  (on October 4th) TeachMeetNZ OCT14
I have been truly amazed at how much learning has resulted from preparing this brief, 3 minute presentation! I am in my own 'Early Years' when it comes to sharing my practice online. I would assess myself as Unistructural, Multistructural at best!

Yesterday, I was SO lucky to have the awesome @vanschaijik  +Sonya Van Schaijik, who leads TeachMeetNZ, guide me and offer kind, helpful feedback about my presentation. Once again, through conversation, she helped me form connections I hadn't noticed before and I have learnt a lot from the experience.

It strikes me just how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to learn from an educator like Sonya, and I think acknowledgment is really important.
THANK YOU, Sonya for sharing your expertise, passion and learning journey so widely. I remain in awe. :-)

I am lucky that as an educator in this country, I have colleagues with such vast and varied experience and knowledge - who willingly share - from whom I can learn. The 'knowledge certainly IS in our room'.

I am also very lucky to have colleagues who are 'Extended Abstract' at sharing who are so genuine and willing to help and encourage me to share my voice more.

I intend to keep working on paying it forward; face-to-face as an Assistant Principal and leader of an awesome team, as a teacher in my awesome classroom, and as a NZ educator connecting more online and face-to-face with awesome educators from NZ, and around the world.

My Next Steps
Keep encouraging my team to share their awesome practice with anyone and everyone!
Keep asking myself 'what is it that I am doing that IS awesome, DOES work for my learners and could/should be shared?'

No one might listen - and that is OK! But I will have actively reflected and put it 'out there' anyway.

Bring on the #ULearn14 Edtalk and Presentation planning now! (Breakouts #1 and #3)  ULearn Breakouts  And please be sure to notice Sonya's Breakouts too, I'm signed up already!

AND of course, thanks to @arti_choke Pam, for enabling and encouraging our initial connection! ;-)


  1. Hey Bridget, thanks for the shout out, especially for TeachMeetNZ. I can't wait to see your developments and read your reflection about the session.

    1. Thank you for your comment :-) Looking forward to being present at your ULearn 'Taster' & hoping to bring more than one colleague along!